Arizona Real Estate – Great Price, Privacy, Pools & Playgrounds


Privacy, Pools and Playgrounds 

You decide to look at some Arizona Real Estate, but you want certain things. You want a pool because Arizona can get hot, and a pool is a great place to cool down. You want a playground because your children need to go out and have fun, to socialize and to get to know others in their neighborhood, and you need privacy. Privacy can be a hard one depending where you live, but when you live in the gated community of Castlerock Village in Kingman, Arizona, it is really easy.

Kingman is a wonderful community with a great deal to offer anyone who lives there. Considered to be the Gateway to the Grand Canyon, it is the closest community to the SkyWalk, and it is also close to Las Vegas and Hoover Dam.

Closer to home, the gated community of Castlerock provides you with all three ‘P’s that are important to you, along with one more.

  • Pools: Castlerock Village has pool facilities so you can relax and cool off, but did you know that Kingman is actually cooler than the rest of Arizona because it is over 3,000 feet above sea level? It actually snows there!
  • Playgrounds: If you have kids, they will love playing at the playgrounds in Castlerock Village.
  • Privacy: A gated community gives you more privacy than you would have anywhere else.
  • Price: Luxury living at affordable prices.

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Arizona Real Estate Offers Privacy, Pools, Playgrounds And Great Price
Are you looking for Arizona Real Estate? Kingman AZ Real Estate has plenty of options. Kids will love playing at the playgrounds in Castlerock Village.