Kingman AZ Real Estate Is Flying High At CastleRock Village

Kingman AZ Real Estate Is Flying High

If you are thinking of moving to CastleRock Village, you probably want to know more about the gated communities and it’s surroundings. Kingman, Arizona is an excellent community with a lot to offer residents. From plenty of excellent schools, to great shopping opportunities and amazing local attractions only a short drive away, you won’t be bored living in Kingman.

The Arizona Real Estate market is doing well these days, and Kingman is a testament to that. You will find a lot of great homes for sale in Arizona, but you won’t find any as good as the luxury living available in the gated community of The Village.

One great thing about the community is the fact that Kingman AZ real estate is also doing well, with house prices remaining steady. This means that if you ever choose to leave, the chances are good that you will be able to sell your home for more than you bought it for.

Currently, the average listing price in Kingman is $172,797, which is nearly $4,500 above what it was a year ago. The median sales price has also risen by 20 percent in the last year alone. This shows strong growth for the area, so you know your home investment is going to continue to rise after you have bought a home in The Village.

One reason that real estate in Kingman AZ is doing so well is the fact that the community has some of the best elementary schools in the state. There are currently six public elementary schools, four public middle schools and four public high schools. In addition, there is Emmanuel Christian Academy, a private school that is one of the top private schools in the entire state.

Moving to a place like Kingman, you may worry about the heat. Arizona is hot after all, but one reason why Kingman AZ real estate is flying high is because of where Kingman is located. Sitting on top of a rise of 3,333 feet, Kingman doesn’t suffer the crushing heat seen in places like Phoenix. Instead, you have warm summers but with cool evenings, and the winters can even receive a dusting of snow. A white Christmas is not impossible in Kingman.


Kingman has a lot to offer the consumer.

There are dozens of excellent businesses that offer a wide range of services to customers. Kingman also features some of the best restaurants in the area, and it is all within a short drive of your home in CastleRock. You can take a trip to the Grand Canyon, Hoover Dam and much more, and still make it home in time for supper.

If you are looking for great living, in an environment where home prices are going to continue to rise, then you need to take advantage of the Kingman AZ Real Estate boom now! Visit us at and buy yourself a beautiful home in the gated community of CastleRock Village, luxury living at its best!




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Kingman AZ Real Estate Is Flying High At CastleRock Village
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